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What is RepMan?

What is RepMan?

RepMan is reputation management powered by Network In Action. With RepMan, you can get reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp from your most satisfied customers.

How Does it work?

The average customer will only go out of their way to voice their opinions online after experiencing a negative interaction at an establishment. Satisfied customers, on the other hand, will sometimes need a friendly reminder to leave a review. Our Review Generation tool accomplishes this through email and SMS messaging and can be customized to direct your happy customers to the review site of your choosing.

Thankfully, RepMan makes it easy for you to get reviews in 3 simple steps.

Providing Great Customer Service

Provide Great
Customer Service.

Request A Review

Enter Your Customer’s
Name and Phone
Number Into RepMan.
Click Submit.

Key Features

RepMan is your straight-forward solution for building your reputation online and earning reviews from your customers. Our methodology enables you to qualify who you wish to get reviews from, communicate a review request directly and encourage positive feedback to get pushed to FaceBook, Google or Yelp.

Request a Review

When you enter your satisfied customer's name, email and phone number into RepMan. The customer is then sent a text and email with a link to your review page.

Customer Provides Feedback To RepMan

You customer provides feedback through the Repman system. Their response to a simple 5-Star survey will determine the level of emphasis we convey on posting their review to Google, Facebook or Yelp.


Your reputation is boosted. By using the RepMan software, you can build your reputation with easy and peace of mind knowing that business is reinforced with the positive affirmations of your clientele.